At Signature FM we believe in building strong knowledgeable teams who provide our clients with proactive services. We accomplish this by understanding and fostering the essential skills required to be an exemplary Building Facilities Manager.

We understand that not all buildings require a full time, on-site Manager. Therefore, Signature FM creates individualised, flexible arrangements for buildings where a part time or mobile Manager is more appropriate, as well as solid full time agreements.

Our service delivery is fully integrated in a “One Team” approach and not contained within silos. A one supplier solution for a truly integrated and partnership approach offering greater flexibility, cost transparency and the governance of central systems, processes and reporting. The key advantages of Integrated Facilities Management are:

  • Reduces operational costs
  • Lowers admin overheads
  • Decreases liability and safety risks
  • Delivers consistent and reliable service
  • Provides uniform technology platform

Our “One Team” approach gives you flexibility in an ever changing environment.

From multi – skilling many of our staff, providing you with a dedicated team and giving you real time reporting, your service will run smoothly 24/7.

Signature FM is not just about buildings; it’s about people, too. We understand how integrated lifestyle management influences the way people live and work. That’s why we tailor our approach to deliver innovative and cost efficient solutions that support our customers’ long term objectives.